New technology electric vehicle developed by scientists of the NAS of Belarus

At the exhibition in the framework of the Day of Belarusian science in the National Academy of Sciences was represented by 97 new developments and technologies. Representatives of the 1AK-GROUP visited the exhibition and met with scientists to present experimental samples of basic components of electric propulsion systems for transport, as well as promising directions for their immediate use.

The interest of the company 1AK-GROUP to the developments caused interest in the development of battery industry in the Republic of Belarus, as one of the key components of development of electrotransport. About the work done by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in this direction, we talked to the head of scientific-engineering center "Electromechanical and hybrid power-plant mobile machines" joint Institute of mechanical engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Alexander Belevich.

Alexander said that today the Academy of Sciences of Belarus is one of the key centers of technology development of electric vehicles. The task of scientists in this direction is not only life science-based engineering solutions for the creation of the Republic of Belarus the production of modern component base of the electric propulsion vehicles, but also coordination of activities of all interested organizations in the public and private forms of ownership. In this work, the developed program of development of electric vehicles for 2018 — 2022, agreed with the interested ministries and departments.

"For the past year with the presentation of a model of passenger car, the our center, with the support of the enterprises of the Ministry of industry of the Republic of Belarus, developed and fabricated experimental samples of the underlying components of the electric propulsion of passenger electric car that will allow later to create ranges for use on all types of vehicles manufactured in the Republic, with the exception of BelAZ, although he, we have something to offer on the subject," says Alexander Belevich.

The exhibition was presented withinhandy traction motor with permanent magnets. Maximum engine speed is 9000 rpm Weight of the electric machine without coolant is 63 kg, with a nominal power of 80 kW provides indicators for the specific power at the world level. In addition, the researchers presented the inverter control traction motor.

Also presented power Converter, namely, on-Board charger providing adjustable convert three-phase network voltage, DC voltage supplied for charging the traction battery. The power of this unit is 6 kW, the machine can be set up to three such devices that will allow you to charge your vehicle with power up to 18 kW from the traditional three-phase network. Thus, when using the traction battery, for example, 44 kW/h charging time will be about 3 hours.

There were also presented assembled in the Institute module traction batteries with a balancer system that smoothes capacity lithium prismatic elements included in its composition. The module capacity is 50 Ah at a voltage of 60 Volts. Module weight less than 20 kg. Maximum current output module in long mode is 100 Amps, and in a short time (15 seconds) — more than 200.

Thus, the national Academy of Sciences of Belarus develops the electric vehicle sector and is public development, which in the future can develop this field of engineering in the Republic of Belarus.

Photo 1 Synchronous traction motor with permanent magnets

Photo 2 – Experimental samples of the basic components of an electric propulsion motor electric car