The number of electric vehicles registered in Belarus, is growing at impressive rates: in 2018, the country had about 200 cars, now – about 360.
At the exhibition in the framework of the Day of Belarusian science in the National Academy of Sciences was represented by 97 new developments and technologies. Representatives of the 1AK-GROUP visited the exhibition and met with scientists to present experimental samples of basic components of electric propulsion systems for transport, as well as promising directions for their immediate use.
On the battery plant IPower LLC completed installation of all the technological and engineering equipment. Cooperation with international suppliers and manufacturers, allowed us to do, IPower LLC a truly modern and technologically advanced production. At this stage, the battery plant is preparing to start-up and commissioning works.
On IPower LLC in the period from 10 to 13 December 2018, the representative of the Danish company Accurate Products Manufacturing & Consulting ApS, Mr. Christophersen inspected the installation supervision of the equipment.
During a recent meeting of the Chairman of the oblast Executive Committee Anatoly Lis students and faculty of the Brest state technical University, the question was raised about the construction of a battery factory ", IPower" on the territory of FEZ "Brest". This topic has recently gained importance in connection with the concerns of local residents about the possible environmental degradation in the area. Nevertheless, the Governor dispelled the suspense.

On 16 July representatives of the accumulator plant IPower LLC visited the factory Ateliers Roche in Reims. During a visit to the company were acceptance of equipment for the construction of a battery factory near Brest. The company Ateliers Roche, founded in the mid-18th century, today is a reliable supplier of equipment in such countries as Italy, USA, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Russia etc.