How to Confirm the Technical Data Equipment Suppliers?

LLC "IPower" modern and environmentally friendly production. All stages of supply and installation of equipment were reflected in the media and on the website However, every day the Internet increases the number of dissemination of inaccurate information regarding the technical condition of the equipment accumulator plant LLC "IPower".

Informative OOO"IPower" publishes pictures of documents, confirming the accuracy of the technical data issued by the equipment suppliers. These data were provided in addition to the manuals. Documents received from suppliers through the delivery service DHL, transferred to personally duplicate the documents, obtained by an earlier e-mail (confirming specified information).

Original data documents were submitted for review to the bodies of internal Affairs, conducting the test at the request of Akaluka D. V. and the Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of the Republic of Belarus in the framework of the SER.

To eliminate the manipulation of public opinion OOO "IPower" ready to submit for review and further public information and documents received concerned the official media on request.

Additionally, the suppliers of equipment (Sunhuan and AccurateProducts), to the bodies of internal Affairs sent the message with the specified original documents and confirmation from the source of validity indicated in the previous electronic versions of documents the information about emission parameters. AccurateProducts cooperating actively with police and have provided impressions of stamps used in the enterprise (Photo 9).

Please also be advised that the address of the equipment supplier LLC "IPower" received anonymous letters, containing fragments of documentation submitted to public environmental review of "IPAware" and accusations of forgery of these documents.

On the part of foreign suppliers of equipment to the address of OOO "IPower" received letters confirming the accuracy of the project information and letters of support of the enterprise upon distribution of the opponents of the construction of the plant false and misleading information.

Photo 1 - the Letter on the emissions from the equipment supplied AccurateProducts

Photo 2 - Technical data on the divider plates line pastanesi

Photo 3 - Technical data for drum pattanapitoon car line pastanesi

Photo 4 - a Letter about the maximum emissions from the mill production line lead powder

Photo 5 - Technical data on the equipment mix your music without limits paste.

Photo 6 - Technical data for automatic stacker plates line pastanesi

Photo 7 - Technical data for line casting lead-calcium ribbon

Photo 8 - an envelope delivery EXPRESSWORLDWIDEот of San Juan

Photo 9 – Seals and stamps AccurateProducts