LLC "IPower" modern and environmentally friendly production. All stages of supply and installation of equipment were reflected in the media and on the website However, every day the Internet increases the number of dissemination of inaccurate information regarding the technical condition of the equipment accumulator plant LLC "IPower".
As the law allows to take into account public opinion in the early stages of construction of any facilities? How to organize a dialogue for constructive interaction of all participants? Practice of informing the public in the implementation of other construction projects in the Republic of Belarus? What unites opponents of a battery factory and OOO "IPower". Look in the second issue of the round table "Forms and methods of public participation in environmental decision-making" from 27.02.2020
By agreement of the public Association "Ecodom", the administration of FEZ "Brest", Brest city, district and regional Executive committees, IPower LLC held a series of meetings aimed at ensuring public access to environmental information. For maximum illumination, in addition to invitations to media representatives, the organizers have prepared video materials.
February 27 on the basis of the FEZ "Brest" took place the round table "Forms and methods of public participation in environmental decision-making". The organizer of the meeting was organized by the public Association "eco house" moderator — Andrei Yahorau, member of the Board of the Ecological Association "Green network".
IPower LLC has transferred project documentation for the construction project of Battery plant IPower LLC with its own boiler on natural gas, address: Brest district, of FEZ "Brest", region "Airport". Adjustment" for the passage of the state ecological examination in the INSTITUTION "Republican centre of the state ecological examination and improvement of professional skill of executives and experts of Ministry of natural resources".
20 February 2020 in the state institution "Administration of FEZ "Brest" was held a round table on the theme "analysis of the impact of battery production on the environment and human rights". Experts from Russia and Belarus discussed the results of the impact assessment of a battery factory on the surrounding environment, as well as the experience of one of the enterprises of the Russian Federation in interaction with public organizations of independent monitoring. During the round table were given the answers to questions that previously received e-mail from Ecohome and open line 1AK-GROUP.