IPower LLC was visited by the group from the state-public environmental control

On June 13, 2019, IPower LLC for the first time was visited by the group from the state-public environmental control, approved by the order of the Brest regional Executive Committee of April 4, 2019.

The Director of the plant IPower LLC Sergey Melnykovych, chief technologist of  IPower LLC Eugene Erenichev, Manager for corporate governance, environmental protection 1AK-GROUP (PACK upravlenie LLC) Alexander Unkovic, Deputy Director of operations 1AK-GROUP (PACK upravlenie LLC) Dmitry Butov had a group of environmental control at the production plant, showed a set of technological and treatment equipment, elaborated on the issue of device hepa filters, as well as the production line of lead oxide and the production line lead-calcium ribbon.

Photo 1. Inspection of hepa-filter.

During the excursion the representatives of the plant responded to questions about the technological processes of the enterprise, told in detail about the number of regulated sources of emissions. In addition, discussed the construction of such facilities in countries near and far abroad, as well as the impact of similar enterprises on the environment.


Photo 2.  State-public environmental control group examines installed equipmnet.

 Photo 3. Lysota Alexei Vasilyevich and Basov Sergei Vladimirovich. 

After visiting the production departments, state and public environmental monitoring group together with representatives of IPower LLC discussed the current issues of facility construction, operation and future plans of the plant.

"We are open to constructive conversation with regulators and members of the public. Shown next are ready to show installed apps.ennoe equipment and explain the processes to inform the General public about the activities of the company and the results of the monitoring", — says Director of IPower LLC Sergey Melnykovych.

Photo 4. Discussion of the current status of the object under construction IPower LLC into operation.

According to the Chairman of the state-public group environmental control Shukailo Alexander, the group's results will be announced approximately the end of June 2019 after receiving the monitoring data, sampling soil and water from the territory of FEZ Brest.