The number of electric vehicles registered in Belarus, is growing at impressive rates: in 2018, the country had about 200 cars, now – about 360.
In the framework of practical scientific project "Ecology of Technologies" representatives EE "Belarusian state technological University" and EE "Belarusian national technical University" visited the enterprises of Group of companies 1AK-GROUP – Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC (Beloozersk) and IPower LLC (FEZ Brest).
On the basis of EE "Belarusian state technological University" presentation practical scientific project "Ekologichnogo", which aims to stimulate interaction between business and the scientific community, the development and further implementation of new technological solutions for rechargeable and engineering industry. The project was created with the support of JSC "Minsk tractor plant", JSC "AMKADOR" - managing company of the holding. The initiator of the project is the Group of companies 1AK-GROUP.
The project is implemented with the support of JSC AMKADOR" - holding managing company" "JSC "Minsk tractor plant", LLC "Keiji Impeks". The General partners of the project are a Group of companies 1AK-GROUP and chair of Belarusian state technological University