Research and Development

1AK-GROUP possesses all resources and opportunities to provide activity in conditions of technology change.

Our highly qualified personnel and rich experience allow us to adapt new technologies obtained as a result of interaction with domestic scientific organizations, as well as with the world's innovator in the field of energy accumulation.

1AK-GROUP participates in innovative projects, which have no analogues in the domestic market. Numerous innovative projects are tested on the sites of innovation and development business units.

Business units

Business units, whose production sites are or will be used for the implementation of innovative projects from other sectors of the economy:

Agromashdetal Limited Liability Company


Pinsky Opytno-Mekhanichesky Zavod Joint-Stock Company


Demetra Limited Liability Company


Metalpromservis Double Liability Company


BelPAM Transportation Unitary Enterprise

RecyclePro Limited Liability Company



  1. 1. Battery Alliance LLC - a plant for the production of a full range of starter lead-acid batteries.
  2. 2. The battery plant development project of Zubr Energy LLC, which includes several stages, including:

- production of industrial batteries;

- production of industrial AGM batteries (uninterruptible power supplies).

  1. 3. Pinskiy OMZ LLC carries out projects:

- in 2020, the production of vertical multistage booster pumps was mastered; production of pumps and related equipment for pumping and transporting molten lead;

- in 2021, the production of polymer apparatus for guiding pumps TsNS-38 was mastered; production of two and three-way bituminous valves with steam jackets; polymer apparatus for guiding pumps TsNS-13;

- in 2022, the production of waste-mass pumps of the SM-150 series was mastered.