Metallurgical Production

Belinvesttorg-Splav Limited Liability Companyis a company performing high-tech production of high-grade lead and lead alloys for the manufacture of batteries.

Production activities of 1AK-SPLAV provide a solution to the environmental and economic problems – collection and disposal of spent batteries, lead recycling and environmental protection.

Lead production is focused on ensuring the highest standards of raw materials and guarantees an exceptionally high quality of batteries manufactured therefrom.

The company produces all types of lead alloys necessary for the manufacture of batteries.

Manufacture of Batteries

Zubr Energy LLC is a plant producing starter batteries supplied to the world and domestic automakers.
Its regular customers include such famous companies as Volkswagen, MTZ.

Major Suppliers of Equipment and Technologies

- La Pneumatica (Italy)
- TBS (Great Britain)
- Accurate product (Denmark)
- Digatron (Germany)

Similar equipment is used in the factories of international corporations in the USA, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Spain.