ZUBR- National brand!

Today, the organizers of the consumer recognition award "national brand" of Belarus "First battery company" received a notification: ZUBR brand became the winner in the category "Batteries" according to the results of the people's vote!

The voting was held within the framework of the annual consumer recognition award «national brand» of Belarus, where there is no professional jury and only consumers decide which brands receive a high status of national recognition.

The official awarding of the title «national brand» to the ZUBR brand will be announced at the award ceremony, which will be held in December this year in Minsk.

We are grateful to our customers for their choice and have prepared a number of surprises with the ZUBR brand. Follow the news on the social networks of The First Battery Company and on the website 1AK. by.

Learn more: https://bit. ly/2FbyIp6