The Round Table Organized at the Initiative of the NGO «Ekodom» was Held in Brest

20 February 2020 in the state institution "Administration of FEZ "Brest" was held a round table on the theme "analysis of the impact of battery production on the environment and human rights". Experts from Russia and Belarus discussed the results of the impact assessment of a battery factory on the surrounding environment, as well as the experience of one of the enterprises of the Russian Federation in interaction with public organizations of independent monitoring. During the round table were given the answers to questions that previously received e-mail from Ecohome and open line 1AK-GROUP.

The round table was attended by representatives of the zonal establishments of public health, Brest, Brest regional Committee of natural resources and environmental protection Brest regional and district Executive Committee of the FEZ "Brest", JSC "baltelektro", "NPF "Ecology", LLC "IPower", managing Director Tel Executive Committee, following review of the headman of the village of Jamno and the village of Talma-1.

The round table was also attended by Fridman Kirill Borisovich, Deputy head physician FGUZ center of hygiene and epidemiology in Saint-Petersburg. Lecturer, Saint-Petersburg medical Academy. I. I. Mechnikov at the Department of military, General, radiation hygiene and medical ecology. The state organizer of the social-hygienic monitoring in Saint-Petersburg. Made a significant contribution to the promotion of sustainable economic development, author of over 100 scientific works and publications.

Friedman, K. B., presented the results of the study "Assessment of health risk from chemical air pollution emissions "Accumulator plant LLC "IPower" with its own boiler to natural gas, address: Brest district, of FEZ "Brest", neighborhood "Airport"" the completed state INSTITUTION of science "Northwest scientific center of hygiene and public health".

Risk assessment performed on the design data of accumulator plant LLC "IPower", showed that on the territory of the nearest residential buildings the level of total risk refers to the first range of risk (less than 1.0 E-06) and is a negligible quantity. In accordance with P, "Guidance on risk assessment for public health when exposed to chemical pollutants environment" dated 5.03.2004 and recommendations of the Agency for environmental protection of the United States, this level of risk is assessed as negligibleclose to the background (De minimis), acceptable, and valid for the populations and did not require the adoption of measures for its reduction.

According to K. B. Friedman a project of the battery plant, which was sent to him (with emissions of lead to 29 kg/year), has a five-fold margin of safety for public health.

As noted, B. A. Popov, today the issues of environmental security are taken into account at the stage of development of specialized technological equipment. Developers of equipment for the production of batteries competing for safety equipment for the environment and humans. All battery production must comply with modern environmental requirements and is certified to ISO 14001. The new production of environmental security is observed by definition, because safety is incorporated in the equipment.

We will remind that earlier representatives of the public Association "Ecodom" letters were sent to the address of the Brest city Executive Committee and LLC "IPower" recommendations on increase of efficiency of interaction with the public. Among the measures to promote dialogue was also requested to organize the collection of issues and opinions relevant to the proposed activity OOO "IPower" and conduct comprehensive consultation with the public.

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On 7 February on the basis of the administration of FEZ "Brest" was held a coordinating round table organization of future public dialogue. In an organizational meeting attended by the parties, providing interaction with the public throughout the period of construction of a battery factory: representatives of state and public groups of environmental control of the administration of FEZ "Brest", Brest city, district and regional Executive committees, OOO "IPower", and the Ecohome.

Meeting participants identified a mechanism for collecting questions from the public about the planned economic activity of LLC "IPower" discussed the themes of the round tables and, in accordance with it, the profile experts, as well as ways of involving the wider public in discussion and informing about the results of the discussion.