In Belaazyorsk held a public discussion of the construction of a smelter JV "Belinvesttorg"


The company is based on the building of the Central repair shop of Berezovskaya GRES, the construction of which was started in 1992 and suspended in 1995. So almost 20 years this building was empty. The total volume of investment in new production is 10 million US dollars, of which $ 1.8 million will be used for the cleaning system. The company plans to create at least 100 new jobs, which is very important to Beloozersk, the investor promises a salary of from 460 to 600 dollars per month. Tax payments in the budget of approximately $ 1.5 million per year.

At the plant in Belaazyorsk the planned establishment of the smelting of lead and alloys for the organization of a full production cycle batteries. The planned volume of production — 10 thousand tons of lead alloys per year. This will allow to satisfy the demand of Belarusian enterprises in the form of raw materials and to expand the possibilities of import-substituting production of storage batteries in the Republic of Belarus and to engage in the turnover of waste of secondary raw materials, preventing their harmful effects on the environment. Cutting waste batteries will be produced in the village of Gatovo, Minsk region.

Of course, any new production is complicated by environmental conditions, and the presence near the city of enterprise for the production of lead worried Belozertsev. To answer the questions and was organized called the congregation. Hall of House of culture for 500 places were filled by a third.

A report on the assessment of the environmental impact it was possible to see and to send their comments and prezlozenie at the place of construction of the facility, as well as on the customer's website in the district inspection of natural resources and environmental protection. This information was published in regional press. And during the meeting residents of Beloozersk had the opportunity to ask their questions to the investor, the project developer, the scientists of the National Academy of Sciences and the BAT.

Director of "Belinvesttorg" V. Lemeshevsky noted that it is multifunctional, makes a socially responsible business and does a lot of charity. The company values its assets and image and no violations of the existing laws is not allowed and will not allow. The Director of JLLC "Belinvesttorg" S. S. Ohrimchuk in turn, stressed that the area was chosen because of the distance from the residential area and the availability of technical capacity and human resources. Installed on the enterprise of the French equipment is used in more than 30 countries, including Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Poland and Italy. In Ukraine there are three such plants in Russia — four. Director of the unitary enterprise "tehnolit" BAT, candidate of technical Sciences S. L. Rovin told that this level of production corresponds to the best European standards, and it will be organized under multi-stage control. There will be established a three-stage cleaning system and automated control system of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

In turn, candidate of technical Sciences, leading researcher of the laboratory of metallurgy engineering of the National Academy of Sciences A. G. Sidorenko drew the attention of meeting participants to the fact that the equipment of such high class in Belarus has not yet been used, and we needabout to adopt world trends, to introduce modern technologies of waste processing, to produce lead from secondary raw materials and exclude the import of expensive raw materials.

The representative of the project developer JSC "Polesiegiprovodhoz" L. V. Kirkevich and a customer representative I. M. Morgunova introduced the conclusions of the Institute of soil science and the Brest regional center of hygiene and epidemiology, and also spoke about the border of sanitary-protective zone of the enterprise, which is 610 meters, the maximum permissible norms of emissions into the atmosphere.

In the hall was installed the microphones, and everyone had the opportunity to ask their questions, including in writing. Participants asked whether complicated environmental situation, whether the threat to human health, pollution of White lake and canals, power plant, other recreational areas, agricultural lands and suburban areas, where residents grow vegetables and fruits.

Giving the necessary explanations, the developers of the project assured that the level of emissions will not exceed the permissible norms, and garden plots are outside the sanitary protection zone. Besides information on the activities of the plant is not closed and you can come there on a tour to see the high technological production. As reiterated by the investor, the company is guided by European approaches, and no matter where will be built the company, most importantly — to ensure its reliability and safety, which will be done.

All written questions received will be answered to each applicant and published on the pages of the local press and on the website of the Byaroza district Executive Committee. And another important point — the company can start work only after the conclusion of the State ecological expertise, where among other documents sent to the Protocol discussion, with all comments and suggestions.