A trilateral meeting at the Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of the construction of a battery plant IPower LLC

5 December 2018 at one of the meetings in the framework of personal reception of citizens, their representatives and representatives of legal entities at the Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection, discussed the construction of a battery factory. The meeting was attended by representatives of IPower LLC and Group of companies 1AK-GPOUP, which includes enterprise as well as representatives of initiative group from the city of Brest. In addition, participants in the meeting were the developers of the project of the battery plant and environmental expertise, representatives of Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus and other experts.

As stated on the website of the Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection: "Since the meeting, the Minister has appealed to activists asking articulate questions and the constructive dialogue that excludes the repeated appeals that had already been given a full written and oral responses previously. At the same time, a number of issues were raised by the citizens again." (Source: minpriroda.gov.by)

Deputy Director, responsible for ecology, of the Group of companies 1AK-GPOUP Alexander Ynkevich and chief engineer, IPower LLC Sergey Dubnovitsky, prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions about battery factory in the territory of FEZ "Brest":

1. Had there been a proper examination of the plant under construction at the part the environmental safety?

Implementation of the state policy of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of ecological safety is carried out, including through the mechanism of control in aboutthe field of environmental protection at the following key stages:

• placement of the object;

• the state ecological examination;

• acceptance of object in operation;

• implementation of actions technical (technological, testing) nature.

• the issuance of permits for the implementation of the environmental impact;

• monitoring the work of the enterprise.

It should be noted that approvals of territorial bodies of the Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection issued solely on the basis of approved design documentation that passed the state ecological expertise.

On this issue, Andrei Khudyk said: "With the passage of ecological examination of the project of the battery plant for the amendments, which is currently pending in the Republican center of the state ecological examination and improvement of professional skill of executives and experts, responsible officials would be taken into account all comments and suggestions from the public and experts on this object".

2. Have there been any calculation on the determination of the hazard class, "IPower"?

The calculation categories of impact on atmospheric air made by the developer of the EIA (LLC "Ecology-service") as an additional assessment in accordance with the instruction approved by the Decree of the Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of 29.05.2009 No. 30.

The final category of impact on atmospheric air and periodicity of the inventory of emissions of polluting substancesin atmospheric air will be made after commissioning and the results of the inventory.

3. Whether installed on the enterprise system of clearing of atmospheric air and facilities for wastewater treatment?

On IPower LLC will be installed on-premises facilities for cleaning industrial effluents supplied by the company Ecosoft (Ukraine), as well as gas treatment installation company "Ekofil'tr" (Russia).

When conducting the state ecological expertise taking into account the made changes will be checked the compliance of IPower LLC environmental legislation. Special attention will be paid to the examination of the compliance of standards of environmental quality, and measures for the protection of atmospheric air (including the efficiency of the equipment for cleaning of emissions of polluting substances in atmospheric air), and measures for the protection of water resources (including effectiveness of work of treatment facilities of sewage). In addition, compliance with environmental legislation will be verified by the Center for public environmental expertise during the acceptance of a battery factory in operation.

4. Whether the enterprise is processing of lead?

According to the project documentation on the Object used the hardware on which the processes are carried out of the melt and casting of vintage lead to the production of the components of batteries. Thus, there are no processes (including casting) for the production of lead from ores, scrap and waste. Formed trim strips are not waste according to the legislation on the treatment waste because they have purpose at the place of education.

On the projected the company is not recycling lead.

In addition, information on the progress of construction, IPower LLC presented in the "News" section on the corporate website www.1ak-group.com.

If you have any questions about the construction of the battery plant and the activities of the Group companies 1AK-GPOUP can be accessed on an open line that is designed specifically to respond to all public interest issues.

The open line is available on the corporate website www.1ak-group.com.