To ensure the competitiveness of products the company is developing cooperation with Belarusian and foreign scientists. So, last Thursday, the plant was visited by academician, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor, academician of NAS of Belarus, is a scientist in physics Sergey Zhdanok. He stressed the willingness to cooperate with "IPower".

In Belarus, the battery industry is in its infancy. We are still totally dependent on the import of batteries. And are forced to buy them abroad. Technology, which remained in Belarus since Soviet times, are slowly becoming obsolete and uncompetitive, and therefore the share of foreign trade is falling. The only way to stay afloat, this innovative process, it is necessary to introduce new materials, technologies etc., — said Sergey. — Battery factory in Brest should "close" this important technological gap. And the country it can quickly catch up. Scientific support for infant industries able to implement the relevant institutes of the National Academy of Sciences and the Department of Belarusian national technical University. But developments of Belarusian scientists gain value only if there is a production for their implementation. And Brest battery plant should become the base for new industry.

The energy needs somewhere to accumulate and store for use in peak mode, for this are batteries. Today in the country almost all batteries that are used in transport and all storage systems are sourced from abroad. That's what we pay currency. In addition, used batteries are not processed without fail, they find themselves in the landfill that pollutes the environment. We need to develop the processing industry and manufacture of new batteries, to reduce the release of waste from their used and thereby to reduce the damage to the ecology. In addition, the completion of construction of the Belarusian NPP, and the problem of disposal of energy at night time to be solved the expense of storage. I.e. a system of energy storage can be one of the storage elements and optimizing the energy resources in this direction.

After production, examining the passports of the equipment and treatment facilities, the scientist emphasized that "the plant is kind of revolutionary in its essence not only in Belarus".

My years of experience with various similar industries in America, Russia and Europe allows me to say that what is presented here is the most recent achievement in the area of battery structure, from an environmental point of view and from the point of view of technology, the scientist said.

— If you take, for example, the cleaning system, they surpass even those strict rules that are required in our country. Actually surprised there are any questions about it. As for the remoteness of production from the settlements, many of such productions are right in the city, next to kindergartens, schools, offices and residential houses. There is nothing dangerous if treatment systems and technologies are developed, and they worked. I do not see any threat to the public. Any technical expertise could confirm this. If to speak about the dangers of lead, which is so afraid of the locals, the production of this metal is used in paste form, it can not be transported over a distance of 30 kilometers and is not a volatile substance. The plant has a mill in which pig lead is ground to a powder, which is fed to the smelter, but it all happens in a closed volume, is governed by technological and environmental standards. As for the dangers of proceeding directly to employeesing plant need to comply with safety regulations. There are the standard personal protective equipment in the form of conventional respirators, this is enough for some emergency situation.

As a representative of a company that is engaged in nanostructured materials, I can say that the introduction in the production of these technologies will allow to increase the capacity of the batteries, their longevity, and reduce the environmental load of batteries that fail. Today I appreciated the possibilities of production and is ready to cooperate in this direction, — summed up Sergey.

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