In the framework of cooperation between the European Union and the Republic of Belarus on the issues of environmental protection, one of the priority projects is to support the effective monitoring of emissions to ambient air and radiation monitoring and improving environmental management in Belarus. One of the companies that have been selected in the draft, was Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC.
In trading network "Pervaya akkumulatornaya kompaniya" completed action "Support of the zubr", which was held in conjunction with the state nature protection establishment "the national Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha" from April 15 to June 15, 2019. Thanks to the charitable campaign for 2 months were collected 6 165 BYN.
The worldwide Day of environment is celebrated annually on 5th of June. Requirements for environmental safety in the modern world are rising because of possibility of depletion of natural resources under the impact of human activities. Today one of the main objectives of the world environmental security is the reduction of CO2 emissions.
The Internet portal "Ezhednevnik" has prepared a traditional rating of the most successful Belarusian entrepreneurs.
The most majestic mammals – bison listed in the Red book of Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. More than 70 years, scientists, biologists, ecologists, morphologists, geneticists, and other experts engaged in the conservation and enhancement of the population of bison in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Group of companies 1AK-GROUP went to Belovezhskaya Pushcha, to find out where and how to live the symbol of Belarus the preservation of the species and how each can support the Belarusian bison.
The representatives of Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC held an open lesson for pupils of 9-11 classes of secondary school №1 Beloozersk on the topic “Monitoring of impact of industrial enterprises on the environment in the Republic of Belarus”.