The Ministry of natural resources: battery plant near Brest will not cause environmental damage

Battery plant that will be built in the free economic zone "Brest", assigned to the fifth category — the least dangerous from the point of view of emissions into the air. This was stated by first Deputy Minister of natural resources and environmental protection Iya Malkina on air of TV channel "Belarus 1".

Iya Malkina. Photo: Vadim Zamirouski, TUT.BY

<p>&ldquo;With proper maintenance of plant, environmental damage, he is&nbsp;applied&nbsp;. On&nbsp;it is not&nbsp;provided by the foundry, as many people say. Accordingly, it is not&nbsp;will be the melting processes that are related to&nbsp;really dangerous production. This property is related to&nbsp;category:&nbsp;the point of view of emissions in the air, the least dangerous category of&quot;&nbsp;&mdash; said the Ia&nbsp;a Malkin.<br />
Also in&nbsp;the TV channel reported that, according to&nbsp;experts,&nbsp;the result of the operation of the plant lead emissions do not exceed 3.5&nbsp;kg&nbsp;year. Ecologists will conduct ongoing monitoring for&nbsp;a background content of heavy metals in soil, plants and air.<br />
&ldquo;Create a system of local monitoring. In&nbsp;500-meter zone&nbsp;&mdash; 22&nbsp;point of observation&quot; of the&nbsp;&mdash; said the Director of Polessky agrarian-ecological Institute NAS of Belarus Nikolai Mikhalchuk.<br />
All the information about&nbsp;the environment is planned to lay out in open access.<br />
Recall the construction of the battery plant began in&nbsp;industrial area &laquo;Airport&raquo; in&nbsp;the free economic zone &quot;Brest&rdquo;. The question of construction concerned residents of Brest, several nearby villages and dacha. The main thing that people care about,&nbsp;&mdash; an assessment of the impact on the environment. However, held up to the start of construction, the examination showed that &ldquo;the negative effect of projected object on&nbsp;air, surface and groundwater, subsoil, soil, flora and fauna, and&nbsp;also&nbsp;person slightly&rdquo; but&nbsp; the&lsquo;enter the projected objects in&nbsp;operation&nbsp;will lead to&nbsp;the violation of the natural-anthropogenic equilibrium&rdquo;. <br />
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