EUROBAT is Launching a Campaign for the Promotion of the Use of Lead Batteries in Europe

EUROBAT— the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers— has launched a campaign to promote advanced lead batteries as a key technology in Europe’s industrial strategy. 

Through its ‘Charge the Future’ campaign the association is urging legislators to recognise the role lead batteries can have in the European Union’s (EU) decarbonisation and electrification objective. 

The association wants to demonstrate how lead batteries can be used as a foundation for an economic model in five areas: innovation, industrial growth, clean mobility, clean energy and the circular economy.

Although the campaign is focused on lead batteries, EUROBAT believes the EU must fast-track support for all battery technologies and nurture European businesses if the continent is to become a world leader in green technologies.

Marc Zoellner, president of EUROBAT and CEO of German battery firm Hoppekce, said: "Europe urgently needs the development of a real battery industry strategy. 

«In order to invest, businesses need clarity on future policy together with joined-up and consistent legislation. We already have a successful advanced lead battery value chain in the EU, batteries which are manufactured here and are fully recycled and re-used. 

«We must grasp the opportunity to build on this foundation and strengthen our battery manufacturing capability making Europe a world-leader in green battery technologies.» 

The campaign includes activities such as a dedicated micro-site, social media programme, blog, events and advocacy outreach. 

Policy-makers and members of the European Parliament are in the process of reviewing regulations and laws that have a direct impact on the lead battery industry.  These include: REACH chemicals legislation, the Batteries Directive and the End of Life Vehicles Directive.

Source: Energy Storage Publishing