Whenever talking about the production of lead, the chemical element of the periodic table, Pb, in simple layman certainly there are associations negative characteristics associated with environmental problems. The fact that the technology of recovery of lead from spent battery is environmentally complex production, no doubt, but modern methods of purification of products obtained fully allow you to protect the environment from harmful emissions.

Chief engineer of Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC A. C. Filipchuk

Given that the environmental legislation of the Republic of Belarus is one of the strictest in Europe, then it is safe to talk about minimizing harm to the environment from the production of this heavy metal of old waste batteries.

This, of course, is Belinvesttorg-Splav, located in the city of Beloozersk, where in 2012 it was organized high-tech production of vintage lead and alloys for batteries. For nearly five years, the company, strictly observing all the rules and regulations prescribed by the environmental legislation, issues needed for industry products, and yet there have been occasional idle talk about the harmful waste and emissions from production.

To once again dispel unfounded talk and rumour peddled at Amateur level, we started our conversation with the company's management with that of environmental protection.
"Of course, — says Director of Belinvesttorg-Splav Sergei Stepanovich, Ohremchuk that lead as a heavy metal dangerous for the body. That is why measures taken by an enterprise for environmental protection and ensuring safe working conditions is unprecedented.

In addition to the highly efficient filter cleaning process gases generated during the process of recovery of lead, the enterprise has an online automated system of monitoring of atmospheric emissions, which allows to analyze their quantitative and chemical composition, respectively, confirming the safe technological process, and, if necessary, to conduct korrektirovkihave depending on the condition of incoming raw materials. Within acceptable health standards in the manufacturing environment, hazards to personnel are present, so all of the employees in the production area use of effective personal protective equipment.

As a rule, exceeding the established norms of production is not allowed, however, in case of risk of threat factors (smoke, high temperature, noise) when carrying out certain operations minimizes the required number of staff, use additional personal protective equipment. To ensure that standards the company is constantly cleaned of all production facilities and designs, as well as dry cleaning of the working area is carried out 2 times per shift. For this purpose, technological equipment (filtration plant) and a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner. Collected dust is sent back to the metallurgical furnace.

Like any industrial company, Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC is industrial waste and is ash. In the design of the enterprise was assumed that the lead content in the ash will be about five to seven percent, however, thanks to the specialists of the enterprise, omladinskim production technology to perfect level, the concentration of heavy metal is reduced to two percent. The ash itself after appropriate treatment sent to use the specialized enterprises for production of mineral additives in the road surface.

In the process of cutting (separation) batteries there is also the need of utilization of the electrolyte and solutions. This problem is solved by collecting these fluids in a specially prepared tanks, which are sent to specialist companies for further processing.

"In General, ;— Sergey Stepanovich, — in Europe, in enterprises similar to ours, have the practice to revise the electrolyte directly in production, of course, if it is economically viable. Of course, this line of processing of the electrolyte, which will complement the line of items we need. She would refuse the services of third-party processing enterprises, which we have to pay for processing. At the moment of developing a business plan for acquisition of appropriate equipment.

Our stay at the company coincided with a visit to Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC representatives of the European Bank for reconstruction and development. And this visit was connected with the company's plans for improving the work environment. Issues that would be discussed with representatives of the European Bank for reconstruction and development, said the Deputy Director for economy and Finance Ivan, Pochiluk.

"Since our production still represent certain risks related to the environment, we are constantly working to improve systems for the protection of the environment from harmful emissions. This practice takes place in all European countries, it is associated with constant development and improvement of technologies for the protection of natural resources. With this aim, the European Bank for reconstruction and development creates special funds allocated for implementation of environmental programs, including in the Republic of Belarus. The European Bank typically works with industry, where there is a need for recycling hazardous waste.

Although our company the system of environmental protection is at a high level, however, as is known, the improvement of predfir no. We have some plans on introduction in manufacture of new modern environmental technology, and additional funding in the form of grants would be entirely appropriate. There is, for example, the need to install additional equipment on the line cutting a battery for recycling battery, in accordance with the perspectives of their education and the technology of their production.

Visit our enterprise, the representatives of the European Bank for reconstruction and development is still exploratory in nature. Further, if the talks are successful, we can hope for a long-term programme of cooperation in the field of environmental protection".

Zam. Director for Finance of Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC I. I. Pakaluk

A distinguishing feature of Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC is that the company is not standing still and is constantly evolving, improving production, equipping it with modern equipment, introducing the latest technology of labor protection and environmental protection. So this time the information that was brought to us by chief engineer Alexander Cheslavovich Filipchuk, concerning the development of production, was extremely interesting.

"Starting from March 2017, — says Alexander cheslavovich — the company has started reconstruction with the aim of increasing the efficiency of production, increase recycling and manufacture of new types of alloys. By the beginning of the reconstruction was carried out huge work connected with development of design documentation, coordination with the relevant services. By June of this year was commissioned a new second rotary kiln, ropiniroleNY boiler and additional equipment — two seats for the heavy buckets on the stand heating. In addition to the blasting process gases new rotary furnaces were installed sewage treatment plants (filters, mixer, cyclone, pre cleaning, etc.). Installed highly efficient filter equipment of German production.

Install the second new rotary kiln is the first phase of the project reconstruction of production. The second phase involved improving the water supply system of the enterprise, which includes saving natural resources, and environmental protection.

"Currently — said Alexander cheslavovich, is for enterprises in the ongoing renovation open permit for construction of storage pond to collect rainwater for further use in production. This will allow us to save water that we use currently to collect all the storm drains in the accumulation pool for the guaranteed supply of technological processes of cutting, battery (CRAB)".

CRAB is a complete line for cutting and processing of automotive and industrial batteries with ebonite or polypropylene housings with the purpose of extraction of separate fractions of metallic lead, lead paste, polypropylene or hard rubber and sulfuric acid.

In addition to installing a new rotary furnace and reconstruction of water supply system at the company finishes construction of a warehouse of finished products, which will create comfortable working conditions for employees engaged in the shipment of products.

"In the framework of the project of reconstruction and improvement of conditions of labor protection — continued Alexander cheslavovich in working areas where the increased temperatureand air, and is filling the pipeline and refinery boilers, installed new equipment for showering (air conditioning) jobs and upgraded ventilation system. At the final stage of the reconstruction will be made landscaping with additional check-in and entrance, Parking for transport, the construction of additional treatment facilities".

To this you must add that, due to the restoration of production, "Belinvesttorg-Alloy" will be able to ensure the growth of production volumes practically doubled, and this increase is fully consistent with the volume of consumption of lead, constructed in the free economic zone "Brest" of the plant for the production of batteries. If present, the enterprise produces about 10 thousand tons of lead per year, with output at full capacity production will be doubled.

"Naturally, we are unable to reach such production volumes — added information to chief engineer, Deputy Director for economy and Finance Ivan, Pakaluk, — it is necessary to work out the logistics supply of raw materials. Building the feedstock — the process is gradual, takes time and requires significant material costs, but rather, working capital, therefore, competent and rational financial management is one of the important components of the current industrial policy of the enterprise. It should be noted that in the reconstruction of the production base was invested about half a million euros. This includes the costs of developing project documentation construction and installation works, as well as the acquisition of technological equipment".

Yet another innovation, introduced in Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC, is associated with labour organisation and management decisions, we were introduced to the chief engineer during our visit to the manufacturing plant. He led us into a small room with no tables, no chairs, and on the walls hung a Board with various tables reflecting the operational and financial activities of the enterprise.

"At the enterprise, — Alexander told us cheslavovich, — developed a special technique of governance, the essence of which lies in the operational presentation of information by divisions and departments for making necessary managerial decisions. Every day at 16.00 in the office (the staff) going to the heads of production departments and services to a meeting which lasts no more than 15-20 minutes. Every day one of the leaders reports on the status of the unit, about the existing problems and their solutions, and tactical plans. The reports are not unfounded in nature, and substantiated by concrete numbers and examples (listed on the boards).

On Monday, as a rule, reports the main production with the provision of production indicators production volume of lead, the amount of produced lead bullion, the amount of refined, the volume of processed batteries, analysis of swimming trunks, etc. on Tuesday reports technical support for the production. On Wednesday, an analysis of transportation logistics, product shipment and supply of raw materials. Thursday talking about the state of labour protection, raises issues of violation of rules of labor protection and compliance with the requirements. On Friday discusses the state of the finances".

To say I want to add that the practice of such meetings should be implemented at many enterprisesx, and definitely no tables and chairs.

Sergey Semenov

Source: Brest kaleidoscope