Director of the company "IPower": Factory batteries in FEZ "Brest" is built in compliance with all environmental regulations


Minsk, 10 January. The factory batteries in the FEZ "Brest" is being built in compliance with all environmental regulations, told BelaPAN Director "IPower" Sergey Melnykovych. "IPower" engaged in the construction of the enterprise.

As previously reported by BelaPAN, the activists started collecting signatures against the construction of a battery factory. On 6 January the event was held in the center of Brest on a pedestrian street Soviet. According to one of the participants of the blogger Sergey Petrukhin, the appeal with signatures will be sent to the presidential Administration, the House of representatives of the Brest regional Executive Committee and regional Council of deputies. "The signatories will seek suspension of the construction of a battery factory. On its construction four kilometers from Brest people learned from the media only at the end of December 2017, although the decision to build was made long ago, but public comment is not actually carried out. Notice of public discussion was published in December 2016 in the Brest district newspaper "Zarya nad Bugom", which few people read," said Petrukhin.

According to him, residents of the city and the surrounding villages believe that the plant threatened their health and degrade the environment.

"Local residents are concerned about how the plant will affect the environmental situation in the region. This concern is understandable, because it generates a lack of information. The possibility of building the plant agreed to a state institution "Brest zone centre of hygiene and epidemiology" (conclusion No. 304t from December 26, 2016). While the Republican center of state environmental expertise and increase kVAthe qualification of managers and specialists of the Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of the Republic of Belarus was held by the state ecological expertise of design documentation", — said Melnykovych.

According to him, the report said accumulator plant LLC "IPower" with its own boiler to natural gas meets the requirements of legislation in the field of air protection, water law, law on the protection and use of fauna, law on subsoil, land legislation, legislation in the field of waste management, in the field of the state ecological expertise, strategic environmental assessment, impact assessment on the environment.

In addition, a positive decision on the construction of the plant was issued by the Brest regional Executive Committee, FEZ "Brest" and the state Inspectorate. As noted by the Director, informing the public of the proposed project was carried out before the start of public hearings. Publications were published in national and regional news agencies in may 2016. From 8 December 2016 to 7 January 2017 in accordance with the legislation of the conducted procedure of public discussions.

The Director noted that the underlying sanitary protection zone for this production is 500 metres away. The plant OOO "IPower" will be located at a distance of 771 metres from the nearest settlement — the Western edge of the settlement hubs. Other settlements are located further 1 km.

According to Melnykovych, studies found that residential area and within the boundaries of the sanitary protection zone of 500 m will not be PRevista maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances. To minimize the environmental impact of lead on all emission sources bag filters are installed with purity 99,98%, to minimize the impact of sulfuric acid scrubbers with purity 96-98%.

The project also provides for precautionary measures in case of emergencies. The plant will be equipped with special tanks for sulfuric acid, protected against leakage, said the Director. The remains of lead dust that lingers on the filters will be collected and stored in special closed containers.

Commenting on the rumor that the plant will use outdated technologies from China, Melnykovych said: "the Plant will be equipped with the most modern robotized technological equipment of European and Korean production. The main suppliers of equipment and technologies are LaPneumatica (Italy), OMI (Italy), SOVEMA (Italy), Roche (France), Accurate product (Denmark, Korea). It is worth noting that similar equipment, including on ecological safety and environmental protection, used in factories of multinational corporations ExideTechnologies and Johnson Controls, are located in the U.S., Germany, France, Poland, Italy and Spain."

Scheduled regular local monitoring of condition of atmospheric air, sewage and soil and on a fixed schedule. Depending on the object of the research will be carried out from once per month to once per year. The results of these measurements will be submitted to the authorities of the Ministry. "If the plant is exceeding the standards of emissions of pollutants, the Ministry of environment is nil. According to the legislation the plant is not necessary.n to provide the public with the data obtained in the result of measurements, but nevertheless, the company plans to give information on request of citizens", — said the Director of the company.