The number of electric vehicles registered in Belarus, is growing at impressive rates: in 2018, the country had about 200 cars, now – about 360.
According to the CHR Metals limited forecast, 20% of all sold new cars by 2025 will be electric vehicles. The demand is stimulated with government subsidies, environmental regulations, electric vehicles price and charging time reduction. Electrical motorcycles and tricycles are on demand.
Professional conference of the battery manufacturers and suppliers was held last September. Representatives of Ipower LLC attended a conference in Vienna and have prepared for publication a series of analytical materials on the prospects for the development of battery Industries.
This information was published by Future Market Insights in its’ latest report “Lead Acid Battery Market: Pacific Rim, Latin America, Japan, Middle East & Africa Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 – 2020”.
In October of 2017 created by the European Alliance battery (Batteries Alliance), which aims to become the basis of industrial policy and to make the EU a world leader in innovation and digital economy. In may 2018 Strategic plan approved by the development and production of batteries in Europe.

The development of battery industry is a development priority for European countries and the Russian Federation. Proof of this is the creation of a "European battery Alliance", development "concept of development of the market of systems of storage of electricity in the Russian Federation" the development and approval of "Strategic plan for the development and production of batteries in Europe", etc.
Why the world and the scientific community invests financial and intellectual capital in the battery industry?