According to the CHR Metals limited forecast, 20% of all sold new cars by 2025 will be electric vehicles. The demand is stimulated with government subsidies, environmental regulations, electric vehicles price and charging time reduction. Electrical motorcycles and tricycles are on demand.
On the battery plant IPower LLC completed installation of all the technological and engineering equipment. Cooperation with international suppliers and manufacturers, allowed us to do, IPower LLC a truly modern and technologically advanced production. At this stage, the battery plant is preparing to start-up and commissioning works.
Open line is a single information channel in the form of chat and e-mail are available for all enterprises included in 1AK-GROUP. Answers to frequently asked questions are published on the website the "news" section and on the new page.
Professional conference of the battery manufacturers and suppliers was held last September. Representatives of Ipower LLC attended a conference in Vienna and have prepared for publication a series of analytical materials on the prospects for the development of battery Industries.
The state educational INSTITUTION "Republican centre of the state ecological examination and improvement of professional skill of executives and experts of Ministry" has approved the positive conclusion of the environmental review when considering a construction project at the battery plant LLC IPower.
Representatives of the batteries plant Zubr Energy LLC with business visit visited the production plant of Volkswagen cars. During the meeting were discussed the issues of partnership cooperation in future periods, as well as questions on introduction in production of Zubr Energy new types of batteries.