IPower LLC reports that as of 16.06.2019 the enterprise has missing information that was the basis for the orders of the leadership of the Brest region to suspend construction, IPower LLC. To obtain this information IPower LLC sent a letter with a request to send information.
On June 13, 2019, IPower LLC for the first time was visited by the group from the state-public environmental control, approved by the order of the Brest regional Executive Committee of April 4, 2019.
On IPower LLC on June 11, 2019, a meeting was held with representatives of the media and bloggers of the Republic of Belarus. The meeting was dedicated to discussion of the status of facility construction, IPower LLC is in the operation, environmental issues, the work done on the implementation of the project. In addition, representatives of the battery factory responded to frequently asked media questions.
Annual forum "Belagro" is a large agricultural exhibition of international scale, with participation of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of machinery and equipment for agriculture. The forum have been organized by the Ministry of agriculture and food of Republic of Belarus, takes place in the trading-logistical center "globe Park" from 4 to 9 June 2019.
The worldwide Day of environment is celebrated annually on 5th of June. Requirements for environmental safety in the modern world are rising because of possibility of depletion of natural resources under the impact of human activities. Today one of the main objectives of the world environmental security is the reduction of CO2 emissions.
Directorate of environmental protection of the Republic of Poland sent an official letter to the Ministry of nature and environment protection of the Republic of Belarus on visits to the battery plant IPower LLC, located on the territory of FEZ Brest. This letter reflects the position of the Polish side to the documentation of the construction project and visits to the enterprise.