The "Pervaya Akkumulyatornaya Kompaniya" would like to thank the consumers for the high appraisal and choice of the ZUBR as a national battery brand.
They note that the characteristics of the products will be better than foreign ones. Pinsk experimental mechanical plant is preparing to produce high-tech vertical multi-stage pumps, the press service of the State Committee for science and technology reports.
The "Pervaya Akkumulyatornaya Kompaniya" has great news – in the product line of car batteries added really cool batteries!
Today, the organizers of the consumer recognition award "national brand" of Belarus "First battery company" received a notification: ZUBR brand became the winner in the category "Batteries" according to the results of the people's vote!
DOE announced the program in January with the goal to create and sustain US global leadership in energy storage utilisation and exports, with a secure domestic manufacturing chain that does not depend on foreign sources of critical materials.
Battery plant near Brest OOO "IPower" 22 may 2020 removed from under the control of a Group of companies 1AK-GROUP.