20 February 2020 in the state institution "Administration of FEZ "Brest" was held a round table on the theme "analysis of the impact of battery production on the environment and human rights". Experts from Russia and Belarus discussed the results of the impact assessment of a battery factory on the surrounding environment, as well as the experience of one of the enterprises of the Russian Federation in interaction with public organizations of independent monitoring. During the round table were given the answers to questions that previously received e-mail from Ecohome and open line 1AK-GROUP.
In Brest will be held a series of meetings with the public and experts to discuss issues on the proposed activity of battery plant IPower LLC. The initiator of the meetings was organized by the public Association "Ecodom".
As at 31 January 2020 IPower LLC has organized the process of transferring project documents to the applicants three times. For transmission was given a complete set of project documentation in strict accordance with paragraph 3.9 of the Unified list of administrative procedures performed by state bodies and other organizations concerning legal entities and individual entrepreneurs .
IPower LLC has organized the transfer of project documentation proponents of public ecological expertise (pee) three times, filed an application for it. On the day specified in the notice, on 21 January 2020, the appellants came, but the documents only took one of them, the other two refused. For them was offered an extra day 23 January 2020, but the applicants did not appear. 27 January 2020, was given another opportunity, the appellants came, but refused to take the documents.
IPower LLC offered an extra day 23.01.2020 for the transfer of project documentation proponents of public ecological expertise, filed an application for it. To transfer the project documentation the time was offered from 10:00 to 19:00. The initiators have not used this opportunity.
In accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus data during a visit to Brest, the procedure for public ecological expertise (pee) project documentation for the construction of the "Accumulator plant LLC "IPower" with its own boiler to natural gas, address: Brest district, of FEZ "Brest", neighborhood "Airport"". Adjustment.