EUROBAT— the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers— has launched a campaign to promote advanced lead batteries as a key technology in Europe’s industrial strategy. 
In the world practice in the manufacture of batteries has accumulated rich experience. In Belarus, however, battery are imported from Poland, Russia and Ukraine. With the commissioning of own battery factory, a major demand of the domestic market will be provided. What is behind the production of batteries and how it looks in practice?
The construction of a battery plant in the territory of FEZ Brest is actively discussed in mass media of the Republic of Belarus and outside the country. Many diverse points of view on the situation, and sometimes distorted presentation of information creates around the theme even more excitement. What is IPower LLC and how to implement the project of the first battery factory in Belarus?
In the framework of cooperation between the European Union and the Republic of Belarus on the issues of environmental protection, one of the priority projects is to support the effective monitoring of emissions to ambient air and radiation monitoring and improving environmental management in Belarus. One of the companies that have been selected in the draft, was Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC.
In accordance with the mission of the Chief state sanitary doctor of the Brest region from 05.08.2019 No. 4 specialists of the Brest regional Cheios, with the participation of the members of the working group to study issues relating to the operation of Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC created by the decision of the Deputy Minister – Chief state sanitary doctor of the Republic of Belarus from 26.07.2019 No. 55, in the period from 06.08.2019 for 07.08.2019 activities conducted for the study and evaluation of compliance with the standards of working conditions in the enterprise, as well as assessment of the impact of plant activity on the environment and public health.
The laboratory of the Brest regional Cheios carried out studies of the content of polluting substances in the atmospheric air and chemicals in soil at the border of sanitary protection zone of IPower LLC, and also on the boundary of the nearby settlements. The results of these studies the excess is not revealed.