In the framework notice published 30.12.2019 IPower LLC "On carrying out public ecological expertise" (hereinafter Notice), pursuant to paragraph 2 clause 2 and clause 6 of the Regulations on the procedure for conducting public ecological expertise, approved by the resolution of Council of Ministers No. 1592 of 29.10.2010 (the regulations) to the Customer ( IPower LLC ) received statements from the proponents for conducting of public environmental expertise of Project documentation.
In the framework of social-hygienic monitoring of sanitary-epidemiological service of the Berezovsky district continues sampling and laboratory studies of contaminants in ambient air (lead, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide) and chemical substances in the soil (total lead content and the concentration of mobile forms of lead) on the border of the sanitary protection zone of Belinvesttorg-Splav LLC, and also on the border (territory) of nearby settlements.
09.01.2020 held an open reception of citizens by administration of IPower LLC. Reception of citizens was carried out according to the legal address of the enterprise specified in its Charter and is used for receiving mail.
To ensure communication with the public administration, IPower LLC is organizing an open reception of citizens.
30 Dec 2019 IPower LLC published a notice about carrying out public ecological expert examination of design documentation on object of construction: "Battery plant IPower LLC with its own boiler to natural gas, address: Brest district, of FEZ "Brest", region "Airport". The notice provided information for filing a statement of intent to conduct public environmental expertise, including the proposed address to send such statements by mail, which allows you to definitely record the fact that the expression of a particular initiator, and the phone number for the organization receiving operational responses to emerging public issues.
the design documentation on object of construction: "Accumulator plant LLC "IPower" with its own boiler to natural gas, address: Brest district, of FEZ "Brest", neighborhood "Airport"