Our brands

1AK-GROUP offers batteries under its own brands «Zubr», «Thomas», «Enrun», «Volat», «Atlant», «Eurostart».

All brands 1AK-GROUP are registered trademarks and protected by law.


The power of your car

The ZUBR battery line has a unique history of creation. The formula for maximum reliability and battery power was developed by specialists in laboratories in Europe and the United States of America. Careful preparatory work of a team of professionals allowed to create an improved line of batteries for cars of all types and classes. Batteries of this series are supplied to the global automotive industry as components.

Durability, functionality and high energy capacity of the ZUBR battery guarantee long-term uninterrupted operation of any car, and the presence of this brand on the domestic market for over 20 years is an indisputable advantage over other brands of batteries.

20 years
on the market

High performance

Thomas batteries are designed for standard class cars with average power consumption.

Thomas was developed in collaboration with an experienced European partner. The battery meets the high European quality standards and requirements for the electrical performance of the power source. Good starting currents, proven manufacturing technology endow the battery with strong competitive advantages that guarantee battery performance even in the most adverse conditions.

The Thomas battery series is designed for car enthusiasts who like to manage the situation and feel the maximum safety in their car.

Durability, starting power, European quality, and reliable technology provide motorists with convincing reasons for choosing a Thomas battery.

THOMAS batteries have been designed for exceptional performance over a prolonged service life.


ENRUN are maintenance-free batteries with the lowest self-discharge rates. ENRUN batteries are manufactured with the use of enhanced plates with 3D diamond-like lattice geometry, which securely hold the active mass on the plate, preventing it from falling off.

ENRUN line includes a wide selection of products, allowing you to select a matching battery for any European car.

Battery fast charging, long holds a charge, suitable for cars with powerful engines and demanding suspension.

Reliable as a tank

The innovative technology used in the manufacture of VOLAT batteries allows to maintain a sufficient level of charge over prolonged periods time.

VOLAT batteries are charged 1.5 times faster due to the application of carbon additives in the manufacture of negative plates. Battery range update - VOLAT PRIME. In the production of the VOLAT PRIME battery, modern technologies and high-quality components are used. The orange color of the battery case and cover, combined with the black color, makes this brand stand out from the rest of the car battery range.

VOLAT batteries include a complete line for all types of vehicles, including European, Japanese, Korean cars, as well as freight transport and agricultural machinery.

A rational solution

ATLANT product line has been designed specifically for vehicles of economy class, which are operated in mild climatic conditions.

It includes both batteries for passenger cars of European transport, and heavy duty batteries for trucks and agricultural machinery.

ATLANT batteries are made of plates manufactured from lead and calcium alloy (Pb/Ca) with the use of Ex-Met technology. All batteries of this product line are equipped with a charge and electrolyte level indicator.

ATLANT brand is a rational solution for your car.

A simple solution

Eurostart batteries are a simple and reliable solution for vehicles equipped with standard electrical equipment.

Eurostart batteries feature increased vibration resistance and protection against overcharging. Eurostart batteries can withstand increased voltages in the on-board network of up to 14.8 V.

Eurostart batteries are characterized by a lower rate of water boiling away from the electrolyte in the process of electrolysis, which reduces the need for their maintenance.

Starts again and again

Any modern car requires an energy-intensive battery to ensure engine start and functioning of the entire car power supply system.

TM Master Batteries meets not only the required parameters, but a little more than that. The name of the battery brand suggests that this power source masterfully performs the functions of power supply and does it again and again.

 → Batteries of this series have a number of indisputable advantages: manufacturability, reliability, durability. In combination with an acceptable price, the TM Master Batteries auto-battery is perhaps one of the best offers for replacing the battery on cars of medium or budget classes with a small or standard number of electrical units.