We employ safe technologies for the manufacture and processing of batteries.

The selected technological equipment ensures environmentally safe cycle of production of batteries.

In its productive activities, 1AK-ZUBR applies the requirements of management of the environmental management system, according to the international environmental management standard and is certified by the international organization AENOR for compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

«Pervaya Akkumulyatornaya Kompaniya®» (First Battery Company) has arranged facilities for the collection of spent batteries throughout the country. We collect lead-acid batteries of all manufacturers from the customers, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.

Spent batteries are delivered to the factory where their processing takes place — 1AK-SPLAV. The plant utilizes an environmentally safe technology for the processing of spent batteries and manufacture of high-grade lead alloys from the raw materials obtained from these batteries.

"By clearing the planet of pollution, we create a product that energizes the modern world"

The companies belonging to 1АК-GROUP are officially entitled and have all relevant certificates for the collection of spent batteries and their environmentally safe processing.



By creating the energy of motion, we are multiplying the natural wealth