About Us

1AK-GROUP is a diversified holding. The strategic direction of activities of enterprises of 1AK-GROUP is the manufacture and distribution of batteries.

1AK-GROUP battery direction includes

Belinvesttorg-Splav Limited Liability Company
Zubr Energy Limited Liability
Battery Alliance LLC
Belinvesttorg Limited Liability Company
Ozbateries LLC

The structure of the company includes business units, whose production sites are used for the testing and implementation of innovative projects that are not directly related to the battery business, as well as BelPAM Transportation Unitary Enterprise.

Zubr Energy LLC is a plant producing starter batteries supplied to the world and domestic automakers, including Volkswagen, MTZ.

Akkumulyatornyy Alliance LLC

The newest factory for the production of a full range of maintenance-free starter lead-acid batteries for cars, trucks, buses, and automotive equipment

Pervaya Akkumulyatornaya Kompaniya® (First Battery Company) (Belinvesttorg Limited Liability Company) is the wholesale and retail trade network of 1AK-GROUP and the first exporter of batteries in the Republic of Belarus.

In the Russian Federation Pervaya Akkumulyatornaya Kompaniya is represented by 1AK.RU

Belinvesttorg-Splav Limited Liability Company is the first and the only factory in the Republic of Belarus that produces high-grade lead from battery waste.

The innovative technologies used in the production process allow for the processing and safe use of waste as secondary raw materials.

High-grade lead is in high demand in our country and is actively exported abroad

Strategic Business Units

Business Units for Innovation and Development

Agromashdetal Limited Liability Company


Pinsky Opytno-Mekhanichesky Zavod Joint-Stock Company


Demetra Limited Liability Company


Metalpromservis Double Liability Company


BelPAM Transportation Unitary Enterprise

ResaiklPro Limited Liability Company


4RM Systems Limited Liability Company