Eurostart Batteries


"A simple solution"

Eurostart batteries are a simple and reliable solution for vehicles equipped with standard electrical equipment. Eurostart batteries feature increased vibration resistance and protection against overcharging. Eurostart batteries can withstand increased voltages in the on-board network of up to 14.8 V.
Eurostart batteries are characterized by a lower rate of water boiling away from the electrolyte in the process of electrolysis, which reduces the need for their maintenance.


  • Economy

Competitive Advantages

  • OE quality;
  • Suitable for any vehicles with standard operating conditions;
  • Extended battery life under standard operating conditions;
  • Resistant to vibration and frequent and deep discharges;
  • Polypropylene housing ensures the operation of the battery under various temperature conditions;
  • High level of safety due to the utilization of a special system for the protection from sparks and leaks.

Classes batteries


  • All batteries economy class provide the declared characteristics, guaranteeing engine starting. Designed for cars with minimal power consumption using standard components.


  • Equipment battery indicators charge level allows for at any time, without additional devices and devices to determine the charge level of the battery.
  • Batteries are made of ergonomic components that facilitate comfortable transfer and installation of batteries on the vehicle.
  • Designed for modern cars equipped with power systems with increased consumption, ensure a stable start in the winter.


  • The increase in surface and decrease the distance between the electrodes allows to increase the capacity of the battery.
  • The use of lid with labyrinth system of catching of aerosols (duplex) reduces the release of aerosols of sulfuric acid in the battery.
  • The use of polypropylene fibers, woven in a pack of paper deposited on the surface of positive plates, prevents dislodging of active mass, increases the life of the battery resource.
  • Designed for vehicles equipped with all electrical equipment, guarantee the engine start even at minimum state of charge at low temperatures.