Battery "ENRUN"


"Driving energy"

ENRUN are maintenance-free batteries with the lowest self-discharge rates. ENRUN batteries are manufactured with the use of enhanced plates with 3D diamond-like lattice geometry, which securely hold the active mass on the plate, preventing it from falling off.

ENRUN line includes a wide selection of products, allowing you to select a matching battery for any European car.


  • Standard
  • Premium

Competitive Advantages

  • Lattices for the plates are manufactured with the use of Expanded Metal (ExMET) 3D technology;
  • Two-sided pasting of plates with a special latticed texture on the surface;
  • High compression of plates in the cell;
  • Fully automatic assembly line;
  • Batteries with electrolyte circulation, which ensures longer battery life;
  • Automatic control of finished products by high voltage and high current testers.

Premium line of batteries with high starting characteristics. The positive and negative plates are made of calcium-lead alloy with the addition of silver and carbon particles (CarbonTech).

ENRUN TOP are maintenance-free batteries with the lowest self-discharge rates. The batteries are equipped with a charge and electrolyte level indicator.

Is a product line featuring OE quality. The battery cover features a special degassing and labyrinth system.

The batteries are equipped with a charge and electrolyte level indicator. Ergonomic handle for easy transportation and installation.

Product line has been designed and developed specifically for use in vehicles of Asian automakers. These batteries are manufactured according to the industry standards of Japanese and Korean automakers. ENRUN ASIA batteries are manufactured with the use of SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) technology – completely maintenance-free batteries with a cast lid featuring a labyrinth system equipped with a flame arrester.

All water evaporating during battery operation is condensed and returned back. The battery has a sufficient amount of electrolyte for its entire service life. Opening the battery leads to a breakdown.

Batteries with the capacity of 65, 75 and 100 Ah come with a lower mounting collar.

Classes batteries


  • All batteries economy class provide the declared characteristics, guaranteeing engine starting. Designed for cars with minimal power consumption using standard components.


  • Equipment battery indicators charge level allows for at any time, without additional devices and devices to determine the charge level of the battery.
  • Batteries are made of ergonomic components that facilitate comfortable transfer and installation of batteries on the vehicle.
  • Designed for modern cars equipped with power systems with increased consumption, ensure a stable start in the winter.


  • The increase in surface and decrease the distance between the electrodes allows to increase the capacity of the battery.
  • The use of lid with labyrinth system of catching of aerosols (duplex) reduces the release of aerosols of sulfuric acid in the battery.
  • The use of polypropylene fibers, woven in a pack of paper deposited on the surface of positive plates, prevents dislodging of active mass, increases the life of the battery resource.
  • Designed for vehicles equipped with all electrical equipment, guarantee the engine start even at minimum state of charge at low temperatures.