ATLANT Batteries


"A rational solution"

ATLANT product line has been designed specifically for vehicles of economy class, which are operated in mild climatic conditions. It includes both batteries for passenger cars of European transport, and heavy duty batteries for trucks and agricultural machinery.

ATLANT batteries are made of plates manufactured from lead and calcium alloy (Pb/Ca) with the use of Ex-Met technology. All batteries of this product line are equipped with a charge and electrolyte level indicator.

ATLANT brand is a rational solution for your car.


  • Economy

Competitive Advantages

  • The batteries are made with the use of Ca/Ca calcium technology;
  • Minimal maintenance required;
  • High level of safety due to the utilization of a special system for the protection from sparks and leaks;
  • Charge and electrolyte level indicator;
  • Ergonomic handle for easy transportation and installation.

Classes batteries


  • All batteries economy class provide the declared characteristics, guaranteeing engine starting. Designed for cars with minimal power consumption using standard components.


  • Equipment battery indicators charge level allows for at any time, without additional devices and devices to determine the charge level of the battery.
  • Batteries are made of ergonomic components that facilitate comfortable transfer and installation of batteries on the vehicle.
  • Designed for modern cars equipped with power systems with increased consumption, ensure a stable start in the winter.


  • The increase in surface and decrease the distance between the electrodes allows to increase the capacity of the battery.
  • The use of lid with labyrinth system of catching of aerosols (duplex) reduces the release of aerosols of sulfuric acid in the battery.
  • The use of polypropylene fibers, woven in a pack of paper deposited on the surface of positive plates, prevents dislodging of active mass, increases the life of the battery resource.
  • Designed for vehicles equipped with all electrical equipment, guarantee the engine start even at minimum state of charge at low temperatures.