ZUBR Batteries


"The power of your car"

The ZUBR battery line has a unique history of creation. The formula for maximum reliability and battery power was developed by specialists in laboratories in Europe and the United States of America.

Careful preparatory work of a team of professionals allowed to create an improved line of batteries for cars of all types and classes. Batteries of this series are supplied to the global automotive industry as components.

Durability, functionality and high energy capacity of the ZUBR battery guarantee long-term uninterrupted operation of any car, and the presence of this brand on the domestic market for over 20 years is an indisputable advantage over other brands of batteries.


  • Standard
  • Premium

Competitive Advantages

  • Positive and negative plates of ZUBR batteries are manufactured with the use calcium technology, which increases the battery performance by several times. The calcium technology ensures the lowest self-discharge and water consumption throughout the entire service life of the battery.
  • The lattices of plates are manufactured with the use of Expanded Metal (ExMET) technology – an advanced technology for the manufacture of negative electrodes). It is based on the perforation of a metal strip with its subsequent stretching. This results in a more rigid structure of the cells, which are less prone to corrosion, and enhances the performance characteristics of the battery through the improvement of rigidity and durability of the plates and overall electrotechnical performance of the battery throughout its entire service life.
  • The technology for the conversion of electrodes into a belt separator prevents the accumulation of the active mass from the plates to the bottom of the battery and the occurrence of short circuits during long-term operation.
  • ZUBR Premium batteries feature a built-in charge indicator and are maintenance-free.
ZUBR Premium
ZUBR Ultra
ZUBR Professional

Highest quality

• These batteries boast an extended service life compared to standard batteries by virtue of:
— better resistance to self-discharge and better charge due to improved adhesion of the active paste to the metal lattice;
— higher capacity due to the use of thicker plates;
— лbetter resistance to corrosion achieved through the use of Expanded Metal (ExMET) technology and advanced metal alloys;
• High cranking capacity and stability under all weather conditions, resulting in a significantly higher number of engine starts;
• + 30% more power compared to standard batteries;
•Charge and electrolyte level indicator;
• ЗPatented labyrinth system prevents electrolyte leakage.

Additional power

• Compatible with most modern vehicles with standard equipment;
• + 15% higher cranking capability compared to standard batteries;
• Centralized degassing with anti-spark protection;
• Completely maintenance-free;
• Increased weight of active mass;
• Low self-discharge and water consumption throughout the entire service life of the battery due to the utilization of calcium technology

Resistance against any weather conditions

• OE quality;
• Suitable for any vehicles with standard operating conditions;
• Extended battery life under standard operating conditions;
• Resistant to vibration and frequent deep discharges;
• + 10% higher cranking capability compared to standard batteries;
• High level of safety due to the utilization of a special system for the protection from sparks and leaks.

ZUBR AGM advanced technology

• Advanced technology: electrolyte is enclosed in porous glass fiber, electrolyte-impregnated glass mats are placed between the plates. Has a multiply increased service life in cycles in comparison with conventional batteries.
• Designed for cars with the Start-Stop system: it recovers up to 4 times faster after energy release, has a longer autonomous operation.
• Long service life: in the production of the ZUBR battery, special thickened plates with high anti-corrosion properties are used.
• Maintenance-free: the ZUBR AGM battery is completely maintenance-free.

ZUBR EFB — designed for vehicles with Start-Stop system.
• The battery is guaranteed to withstand over 220 charge / discharge cycles and is suitable for the latest generation of vehicles with regenerative braking and start-stop systems.
• Advanced technology. The battery using EFB technology charges faster and is not afraid of deep discharges, restoring its original capacity to almost 100%.

• Reliability. The battery has more plates than a standard battery.

• Long service life. The compression of the plates in the accumulator is multiplied, which prevents rapid sulfation and loss of active mass.

• High starting currents. Due to the low internal electrical resistance, the battery delivers much higher currents in comparison with conventional calcium power sources, which guarantees engine start even in the most extreme cold temperatures.

• Improved performance. The battery uses premium quality purified lead to ensure
battery has better performance throughout the life of a conventional calcium battery.

• Does not require maintenance. The battery is completely maintenance-free, the case is sealed, check or add electrolyte, distilled water is not needed during the entire service life.

Classes batteries


  • All batteries economy class provide the declared characteristics, guaranteeing engine starting. Designed for cars with minimal power consumption using standard components.


  • Equipment battery indicators charge level allows for at any time, without additional devices and devices to determine the charge level of the battery.
  • Batteries are made of ergonomic components that facilitate comfortable transfer and installation of batteries on the vehicle.
  • Designed for modern cars equipped with power systems with increased consumption, ensure a stable start in the winter.


  • The increase in surface and decrease the distance between the electrodes allows to increase the capacity of the battery.
  • The use of lid with labyrinth system of catching of aerosols (duplex) reduces the release of aerosols of sulfuric acid in the battery.
  • The use of polypropylene fibers, woven in a pack of paper deposited on the surface of positive plates, prevents dislodging of active mass, increases the life of the battery resource.
  • Designed for vehicles equipped with all electrical equipment, guarantee the engine start even at minimum state of charge at low temperatures.