In its productive activities, 1AK-ZUBR applies the requirements of management of the environmental management system, according to the international environmental management standard and is certified by the international organization AENOR for compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

Zubr Energy LLC is a plant on production of starter batteries supplied to domestic and foreign automakers, which requires compliance of the quality management system and the environmental management system with the internationally approved standards. 1AK-ZUBR is subject to the corporate responsibility for the environment and introduced the best international practices in this area:
- environmental risk assessment and management;
- reducing the level of sulfate in wastewater using methods and reagents of AquaTechnik;
- environmental training and staff training on separate waste collection rules;
- the company voluntarily adopted the regulations and management standards contained in Directive 2006/66 / EC.

These actions are aimed at reducing the impact of the enterprise on the environment and are approved by the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers (Eurobat). These initiatives are voluntary, since decisions made at the project stage ensure compliance with the standards of quality for air, water, soil as well as other standards for living and work environment established by the Belarusian legislation (conclusion of the State Ecological Expertise No. 41 of 04.06.2014, issued by the Department of State Ecological Expertise of Projects of the Brest Regional Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection). 

Sanitary protection zone and monitoring of environmental impact
In accordance with the provisions of Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus No. 35 of May 15, 2014 “Hygienic requirements for the organization of sanitary protection, being objects that affect human health and the environment”, valid during the period of the EIA, the basic sanitary protection zone for the production of batteries shall be 500 m (Section 4, paragraph 188 “Production of lead-acid batteries”).

Zubr Energy LLC organized local monitoring of environmental impact within the framework of industrial environmental and industrial sanitary control. Instrumental measurements are carried out at regular intervals:
- content of lead and its compounds, as well as sulfuric acid in the air on the border of the sanitary protection zone (3 points) as well as on the border of the residential development (6 points) located outside the SPZ of the enterprise
- lead content in the soil on the border and within the sanitary protection zone (14 points), as well as on the border of the residential development (6 points) outside the SPZ.
In order to quickly obtain data on the safety of an enterprise’s impact on environmental components (air, soil), measurements are conducted on a quarterly basis.

Zubr Energy LLC operates on the basis of environmental permits obtained in accordance with the established procedure:
- conclusions of the territorial body of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Belarus on the compliance of the construction object, accepted for operation, with the requirements of the project documentation, safety requirements and operational reliability No. 115-2015 of July 10, 2015;
- permit for disposal of production wastes No.592 of 27.03.2015;
- permits for emission of pollutants into the atmospheric air No. 02120/01/00.0623 of December 29, 2016.