Manufacture of Batteries

1AK-IPOWER plant has been designed for manufacture of lead-acid batteries.

Battery manufacture is organized with the use of low-waste technologies and high-performance, automated and robotic equipment of European and Korean makers.

Advanced Technologies

  • Manufacture of lattices of battery plates from lead-calcium tape with the use of the ExMet technology allows to make the batteries maintenance-free.
  • The production of a fine powder of lead oxide in ball mills operating in a fully automatic mode allows achieving its high quality.
  • Preparation of battery pastes is performed in high-performance and precision mixers followed by pasting on the lattices in a fully automatic line, which ensures high accuracy of pasting parameters.
  • Battery charging in special baths with water cooling, constant monitoring of electrical parameters and electrolyte temperature.
  • The batteries are assembled in fully automatic lines.

The process of drying and maturation of battery plates is fully automated

1AK-IPOWER is a modern highly automated low-waste production facility, which embodies the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress

Improvement of the territory of plant iPower LLC , August 2018
Unloading of equipment for the plant iPower LLC, August 2018
Decoration of the facade of the battery plant IPower LLC, August 2018
Works on improvement of the territory of iPower LLC, 30.05.2018
Work on the Foundation for technological equipment, 30.05.2018